Client Testimonials

“Maly Realty knows how to deliver and get developments completed on time. That’s critical in the retail business. I’ve had only positive experiences working through complex issues with Otto and his team.”

— Duane Vaughan, Senior Vice-President of May Realty, Inc.

“I have known both Otto Maly and Mike Decker for decades, and they continue to provide the highest level of service around for site selection and development. They are qualified, committed and ready to go to work for their clients.”

— Stan Kroenke, Chairman, The Kroenke Group

“Otto Maly is one of the few honest developers I know. We handle permitting and site design for $350 million to $500 million of commercial development each year, and Maly Realty is the only developer I’ll work for without a retainer. Today honesty is extremely important to any project, it makes the project happen. The project plays out so much smoother, it is easier to get permitted, designed, sold and leased. With Maly, everyone knows what to expect. We know we’re working with a partner.”

— Ray Frankenberg II, President, BFA, Inc.

“The Maly crew took my project and assisted in all aspects of rezoning and sales. They did a professional job all the way and made me confident that my project would succeed.”

— Bob Jurgensmeyer, Owner, Country Club Village

“Maly Commercial has extensive contacts and a staff familiar with commercial property and developing. They understand the commercial real estate market and how to fit the right client with the right property. I have known Otto for years have a great deal of faith in his and his staff’s ability to solicit national accounts and clients.”

— Randy Coil, Coil Construction

“The team at Maly Realty continually surpasses our high ethical standards and high performance expectations. I have worked with Maly on numerous construction projects and am impressed with their professionalism, integrity and quality of work.”

— Mike Hanlin, Hanlin Rainaldi Construction Corp.

“Maly is one of the best developers I have worked with in my 27-year career. As a developer or broker, Maly thinks like a retailer. Not only can Maly find the right site at the lowest rent possible, their sense of urgency increases the odds that stores will open timely. Maly makes it easy for a retailer, just like Staples makes it easy for our customers.”

— Noal Solomon, Vice President of Real Estate, Staples

“I’ve known and done legal work for Otto Maly for about 20 years. It’s been a pleasure, because when Otto tells someone he’ll do something, he never goes back on his word, no matter how much it hurts him. As a result, he’s got great credibility and a high repeat business rate.”

— Craig Van Matre, Van Matre and Associates